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Store Your Wine in Perfect Conditions

Want to keep your wine collection in top condition? Storing your bottles incorrectly can spoil your favourite drop. Avoid the risk and store your wine in an ideal environment with our climate-controlled wine storage in Wellington.

Our Wine Cellar at National Storage Ngauranga offers cost-effective, climate-controlled, and secure wine storage. With access 365 days a year, it gives collectors the ultimate security and convenience.

From 1 bottle to 100, National Storage has wine storage in Wellington to accommodate every collection.

Wine storage in New Zealand you can trust

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur with a prized collection or you’re preserving a special bottle or two, it’s important to store your wine properly in order for it to achieve peak quality.

The environment your wine is stored in will affect the rate at which it ages. From humidity to temperature, there are several environmental factors that can have an impact on the colour, aroma and flavour of your wine.

A dry environment can cause your wine cork to crack, leading to oxidisation, while a humid environment can cause damage to labels. A hot environment can prematurely age the wine, while a cold environment can slow the maturing process.

National Storage provides climate-controlled wine storage in Wellington to ensure your wine collection is kept in the perfect conditions all year round.

Your private wine vault at National Storage Ngauranga provides the following benefits:

  • Purpose-built, climate-controlled cellar within a secure facility
  • Access your wine at a time that suits you (prearrange outside of centre access hours)
  • No handling or delivery fees
  • Optional insurance
  • Somewhere to have your wine purchases delivered
  • Only you have access to your collection.

Visit our Ngauranga centre page for more details, call directly on 04 473 4830 or fill out the below enquiry form.

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