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Business Storage Made Easy

National Storage takes the hard work out of business storage so you can enjoy a more functional workspace. If your office is inundated with piles of paperwork or your store room is overflowing with inventory, it’s probably time to declutter your work environment with a commercial storage unit.

Our business storage solutions help to create an organised and tidy space for your company. This can give you:

  • A more aesthetically appealing workspace for impressing clients
  • Reduced stress for management as stock and paperwork is organised and out of the way
  • Boosted productivity from your staff as the workplace has less distractions.

A business storage unit is also particularly beneficial for those running a start-up or online store who are wishing to get their inventory out of the garage or study.

Why Choose National Storage NZ for Your Business Storage?

Easy Payment

Easy Payment

Paying for your commercial storage unit is easy with our flexible month-to-month leases. Our convenient monthly renewable contract automatically bills you for the next month. Your invoice is sent 2 weeks in advance, giving you time to give us notice if you’d like to move out, so you only pay for what you need.

Flexible Access Hours

Flexible Access Hours

With access hours from early morning to late evening, you have plenty of time to access your paperwork and inventory. Some centres even have the option of 24-hour access if required.

Range of Unit Sizes

Range of Unit Sizes

Whether you need a small unit for storing archive boxes or a generous space for keeping all your stock and office equipment, we can offer a unit size that suits your needs.

Security/Monitored Environment

Security/Monitored Environment

National Storage has security systems and procedures to ensure your belongings stay safe. All our business storage units have PIN coded access (only you have the code) and 24/7 CCTV, and some centres have individual door alarms on each unit.

What We Offer Commercial Clients

With about 25% of our customers being commercial, we have developed a strong understanding of what companies require when it comes to storage. We can offer a tailored, practical and cost-effective storage solution for your business, providing you with:

  • A modern, monitored unit for storing business goods and items
  • Convenient access 7 days a week
  • Various unit sizes to choose from (pay for only what you need)
  • CCTV cameras and PIN-coded security gates
  • On-site shop selling handy boxes and packing materials
  • A flexible approach to billing
  • 24-hour managers on site (at some centres).

National Storage can provide many benefits for your business, including giving you more elbow room in the office while assisting with the organisation and management of inventory.

Business Storage Features

  • Stock Dispatch: Handled with Care

    If required, our team of storage specialists can arrange to dispatch and receive your stored items to further assist with your business operations. If you’re interested in this service, enquire at your local centre to confirm the details.

    While company logistics can be a headache, this convenient country-wide additional service can take the stress of receipt and dispatch off your hands. Get in touch today to find out more about how National Storage can help drive your business further.

  • Self-Managed Records Storage

    Have more paperwork than space? Every business is required by law to retain records for at least 7 years for tax purposes. If a lack of space is making it tricky to stay on top of every invoice and file, a commercial storage unit is the perfect solution to keeping your records organised and easy to find.

  • Climate Control

    National Storage can provide climate-controlled business storage units to ensure your products are stored in the right conditions. Whether you need storage for pharmaceuticals, electronics, artworks or wine, we can customise a storage unit with the right temperature and humidity to keep your items in top condition.

As one of the largest providers of storage in New Zealand and Australia, you can trust National Storage to supply an efficient commercial storage solution that suits your business. Get in touch to discuss your options or get a free quote today.

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