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Find a secure space for all your items at a National Storage centre today. Built to help you store a range of possessions, our centres feature units from small to extra-large. Whether you’re storing your big boat Roberta or your collection of Elvis records, National Storage has you covered.

Looking for self-storage in Lower Hutt? National Storage can help.

With the Hutt City centre a stone’s throw away – 2kms to be precise – you can keep your Lower Hutt storage close to home. And with affordable units on offer, you can store whatever you need for as long as you need.

Visit our storage centre near Lower Hutt:

National Storage Hutt City

  • Our Storage Units

    We’re experts at storage. Our units keep your possessions secure, clean and easy for you to access. National Storage centres have areas large enough for caravans and tidy enough for your second-favourite suede couch.

  • Total Security

    Your items are locked up safe when you choose a National Storage centre. We run 24/7 CCTV surveillance and PIN-coded access. That means the only person visiting your unit will be you.

  • Need Some Help?

    Start your Lower Hutt storage search by checking out our storage unit sizing guide. Or if you’d like to talk about your options over the phone, our friendly staff would be happy to take your call. Call the team today.

Lower Hutt Storage FAQs

  • Why might I need self-storage?

    Do you have stuff that doesn’t fit in your home or a vehicle lingering on your property? A unit for your Lower Hutt storage could be the solution. Some of the main reasons for self-storage include when you’re:

    • Travelling far and wide
    • Moving into a smaller home
    • Embracing the cleanliness of minimalism
    • Safeguarding your leather jacket collection
    • Hiding your caravan from the elements.

    Regardless of the reason, our units are a handy solution to Lower Hutt storage needs.

  • What can I store in a self-storage unit?

    That’s limited only by your imagination – and a small list of obvious items you can’t store. The common items stored in our centres include:

    • Clothes
    • Furniture
    • Electronics and appliances
    • Files and documents
    • Books, magazines and newspapers
    • CDs and DVDs
    • Vehicles, caravans and recreational equipment.

    Whatever you decide to use your Lower Hutt storage space for, you can rest easy knowing it’s safe and not cluttering your home.

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